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Austin Smoke Works
Artisan Smokers for Artisan Pitmasters
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Austin Smoke Works
Austin, Texas

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Austin Smoke Works
produces custom fabricated steel off-set wood-fired smokers hand-built on a cattle ranch in the heart of Central Texas BBQ country.
  • Pitmaster designed with years of proven daily quality cooks
  • Designed for traditional stick burning low & slow cooking
  • One-at-a-time build ensures attention to detail & a lifetime of quality service
  • High quality materials
  • Tuned cooking chamber with sealed doors
  • Insulated firebox reduces wood usage & helps stabilize temperature
  • Finished with high-temperature rated paint
  • Seasoned and ready for cooking
  • 1000-Gallon Restaurant Smoker on skids & 1000-Gallon Catering Road Pit, 500-Gallon Restaurant Smoker on skids & 500-Gallon Catering Road Pit

Austin Smoke Works is owned and operated by Pitsmiths
John Lewis Sr, Jimbo Glass & John Lewis Jr.

See our Road Pit in action


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